Hotel AlbatrozHotel Albatroz
The Palace of the Duke of Loulé

ALBATROZ HOTEL - The Palace of the Duke of Loulé

This house, with a terrific location over the Praia da Conceição, was built by the orders of the Duke of Loulé, with the project of Architect Ávila, in 1870. It was one of the first luxury houses built by the portuguese nobility to join the royal family in their summer vacations in Cascais. The real name of the Duke de Loulé was Pedro Agostinho de Mendonça Rolim de Moura Barreto (1830-1909) and he was majordomo from the Queen D. Maria Pia.

Albatroz Hotel

This Almond Box, as it was called, was the home of several families until 1963, when it opened is doors to tourism, with the name of Albatroz Inn. In those days there were 11 rooms, a dining room and a bar. The swimming pool didn't exist then. Instead of it, there was a beautiful lawn, where in the spring afternoons guests and regular customers sat for tea, a tradition that continues to this day.

In April 1983 the Albatroz reopened with a new image after 18 months of remodeling and extension of previous installations.

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