Campo Real Spa
Campo Real Spa

CAMPOREAL DIVINE SPA TREATMENTS ( Please double check rates with your request)


Divine spirit - 60 / 90 mins 80 € / 115 €
A soothing massage bringing together elements of Swedish, shiatsu and reflexology combined with the therapeutic qualities of grapeseed oil and aromatic essential oils of Ylan-Ylang, the body’s vital energy is renewed and the skin’s elasticity is restored.
Golfer’s vintage - 90 mins 115 €
Reward yourself with an invigorating massage personalised to suit your current status, focusing on areas that bear the most strain including the neck, shoulder and foot reflex points. An ayurvedic-inspired massage to the scalp will leave you feeling brand new.
Couples grape escape - 2 hrs for 2 persons 360 €
Unwind in our private suite as your body is cleansed and toned with an anti-oxidant grapeseed scrub. Soak away your tension with a romantic red wine bath followed by a soothing massage with essential vino-therapeutic oils for a calming couple’s experience. Enjoy the sense of indulgence and relaxation that comes from savouring the “Nectar of Gods”.


Renaissance - 3 hrs 275 €
The treatment begins with a body scrub using crushed grape seeds and red vine extracts from the surrounding vineyards. Once cleansed your body is cocooned with wine yeast and grape seed oil known for its anti-oxidant properties. Luxuriate in a body aroma massageusing long strokes to provide a real sensation of lightness. Fulfil your experience with an anti-age facial rich in polyphenols that will fight against free radicals responsible for skin

Camporeal Journey - 4 hrs 30 mins 400 €
Indulge your senses and recharge your body and mind in a half-day spa experience that combines the uplifting grape cocktail bath therapy, the chardonnay rub, the invigorating hot stone signature massage followed by a rejuvenating facial that will leave you radiant from the inside out. Complete your day with a deluxe hand and foot treatment. Includes a light meal and refreshments.

All of our massages feature essential oils and ultra-fine grape-seed oil, known for its nourishing and softening properties.

Sport’s Massage - 50 mins 85 €
A deep tissue massage designed to release tension, soothe sore muscles and increase blood flow through the tissues. Our qualified therapists may advise specific training and equipment to help improve your physical condition.
Stress Relieving Back & Shoulder Massage - 30 mins 40 €
A deep tension relieving massage concentrating on the back, neck and shoulders.
Vitality Scalp Massage - 30 mins 40 €
A relaxing scalp massage focusing on vital energy points will help ease the mind, soothe tension and headaches.
Relaxing Foot Massage - 30 mins 40 €
An alternative therapy where acupressure is applied to the reflex points of the feet, that correspond to all major body parts and organs. The stimulation of this points helps to rebalance and energize the entire body.

Start your journey with your choice of water therapies. A great experience prior to any body therapy, scrub, wrap or massage treatment. 20 mins.

Wine Bath - 40 €
You are immersed in powerful grape skin and vine leaf antioxidant extracts, combined with ingredients from the Turcifal Vineyards selected for their relaxing properties. Your skin will be left silky and smooth.
Grape Cocktail - 40 €
Experience the effects of a mild exfoliation with crushed grape extracts from the seeds, stalk and pulp of our vine lands. The ultimate bathing bliss with a twist of essential juniper berry oil for that detoxifying effect.
Divine Inspiration - 45 €
Bubbling water enriched with red vine extracts and a combination of essential oils that promote mental clarity and positive emotions will fortify the spirit and foster creativity.


Chardonnay Scrub - 30 mins 50 €
This mild honey and grape seed scrub combined with essential oils of camomile and neroli will stimulate the lymphatic system and remove dry skin cells. Skin tone and texture are renewed and revitalised.
Red Vine Body Wrap - 60 mins 88 €
The application of a red vine wrap with crushed grape extracts will refine the skin, increase blood circulation and assist with the elimination of toxins. Essential oils of geranium and lemon are infused to increase body metabolism and encourage detoxification.

Mums may have an indulgent, relaxing and nurturing experience that is carefully designed for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Nurturing Cocoon - 60 mins 88 €
A nourishing body treatment that begins with a gentle sweet orange and macademean nut oil scrub. The body is then enveloped in a Kaolin white clay cocoon with grape extracts that will leave your skin velvety soft. A relaxing scalp massage completes this motherly journey.
Hydrating Facial - 60 mins 90 €
A treatment for the complexion, it will tone and restore radiance and vitality to the skin. Includes a facial massage and a hydrating mask. A heavenly scalp massage completes this experience.
New Mum - 60 mins 88 €
A soothing treatment that will relieve leg and foot discomfort due to swelling and water retention. Lightness is restored and circulation is improved.


Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial - 90 mins 115 €
An anti-age facial that smoothes out wrinkles and fine lines. Includes a relaxing facial massage, a smoothing mask and the application of a red vine serum with anti-ageing properties. Cell renewal is stimulated and skin texture is improved.
Rejuvenating Facial - 70 mins 90 €
Restores balance to the skin by using a combination of balancing toners, oils and a purifying algae mask that will leave your skin firmer with a glowing complextion.

A sublime experience for the senses ….


Heavenly Hot Stones Massage - 60/ 90 mins 90 € / 130 €
The body and soul experience. Heated stones are massaged over the body producing a profound state of relaxation, unlocking blocked energy and penetrating deep into the tissues relieving aches and pains. Circulation is stimulated and toxins are eliminated.


Oriental - 60 mins 85 €
Inspired by Tuina, an ancient form of Chinese therapy, this massage rebalances the physical energy flow through the meridians, improves blood flow, regulates the organs and tendons and promotes natural repositioning of the bones.
Mediterranean - 60 mins 85 €
Inspired by the energetic spirit and warmth of the Mediterranean culture, enhanced with the essence of the ocean, the hands of the therapist dance like the waves, with sweet and nurturing movements that encourage a profound sense of well being.
Indian - 90 mins 100 €
Inspired by the ancient life philosophy of ayurveda, the “science of life”, this ritual massage resonates deeply with the mind, body and spirit, releasing stress and tension while bestowing a complete state of harmony.


Scrubs - 30 mins 50 €
Body scrub rituals inspired by the Indian, Mediterranean, and Oriental cultures.

Body Wraps

Monticelli Mud - 60 mins 100 €
A creamy algae mud, enriched with monticelli thermal waters, provides a draining, decongesting action. When applied warm to the body it will relieve sore muscles, help detoxify the body and restore energy.
Revitalising Firming Mud - 60 mins 90 €
A revitalising treatment with essential oils and algae mud for recontouring, firming & counteracting tissue relaxation. Restores elasticity, improves texture and prevents the appearance of stretch marks.
Detoxifying Mud Therapy - 60 mins 90 €
A purifying treatment with a reducing action, that uses algae, marine mud and essential oils, stimulates the lymphatic system, revitalizes the metabolism and promotes body detoxification.
Body Strategist Nutritional - 60 mins 90 €
A nutricional treatment with vegetal active ingredients that provides a perfect tone, elasticity, anti-oxident effect and nourishment. Leaves the skin fresh with a silky touch.
Relieving Vital Legs - 45 mins 60 €
Treatment that offers immediate relief for the legs. Circulation is improved through the use of natural extracts and essential oils that help reduce the sense of tension and swelling of the legs.
Detoxifying Vital Legs - 45 mins 70 €
A detoxifying treatment that uses algae, marine mud and essential oils that will eliminate toxins. Sensation of heaviness, tension and swelling is reduced due to it’s freshness. Lightness is restored, circulation improved and luminous skin tone achieved.


Delicate Renewal - 60 mins 90 €
A soothing and desensitizing facial in perfect harmony with your skin. The White tea extract and Omega 3 will effectively rebalance and reinforce skin subject to redness and couperose, restoring deep delicate renewal.
Vital Skin - 60 mins 90 €
Deep hydrating facial for every skin type and life condition. The hidro-active sugar extracted from the Jericó desert plant, the honey and hibiscus extracts will remineralize and nourish de-hydrated skin. From the desert, your skins profound water source.
Supreme Glow - 60 mins 90 €
An exclusive iluminating treatment and an anti-spot/whitening face programe. Pearl powder and natural extracts with oxigenating factors revive radiance and contrast cell oxidation.
Rebalance - 60 mins 90 €
Purifying facial rich in vegetal ingredients, fruit extracts, propolis and green clay. Rebalances oily skin prone to acne, and imperfections.
Deep Cleansing - 90 mins 100 €
A deep cleansing and anti-oxidant treatment with extraction to draw out impurities. Uses Vitamine E properties found in the Artic berries seeds to reinforce the skins natural defences. Canole and Avocado oils will regenerate, hydrate and soothe the complexion.
Immediate Smoothe - 70 mins 105 €
A luxurious treatment that reduces expression lines particularly around the mouth, eye and neck areas. Extraordinary instant lifting effect that uses Vitamin E and Hexapeptide to improve skin elasticity.
Anti-Age - 80 mins 115 €
Anti-Age treatment with collagen and alpha-hydroxy acids that renew and iluminates the skin. Reduces progressevly the wrinkle for a splendid, firmer and more elastic skin aspect.

Offering specialist care designed to smoothe, hydrate and renew delicate face areas. Can be taken alone or added to our facials to achieve a complete facial experience.

Eye Care - 25 mins 40 €
Anti-oxidante treatment specific for the periocular area. Aloe Vera and Green tea are combined to soothe expression lines, relieve puffiness and reduce dark circles, hydrating the skin.
Eye and Neck Care - 40 mins 60 €
A complete anti-age treatment for both the delicate eye area and décolletage. Vitamin E and Collagen will aid to treat and prevent wrinkles for a visible firmer, rejuvenated and radiant skin.
Lip Care - 25 mins 40 €
Targeted to reafirm and bloom the lips. Fine lines around the mouth are treated, moisturized and gently plumped. The use of Rose oil and Hyaluronic acid leaves your lips with an extraordinary glow.