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The magnificent municipality of Viana do Castelo with its seducing landscapes is situated in the core of a triangle with the cities of Vigo, Porto and Braga as the apexes, roughly remote at 65 kilometers from each other, surrounded by the green mountains, where the sun rises, by the vivid blue reflections of the Atlantic Ocean and by the serenity of the Lima River.

A contrasted scenery is suggested by the sea with its golden sandy beaches, by Santa Luzia hill that draws the horizon and by the Lima River that bathes the serene fluvial beaches, which represents, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes, generated by nature and fortunately preserved by Humanity.

Enjoy walking on foot or on a bicycle, through the mountains, where the atmosphere is healthy with aromas of a diversified flora, in order to discover the beautiful corners of the municipality. We will always meet warm-hearted inhabitants ready to indicate us the right way to reach a watermill, a waterfall or a chapel.

Viana do Castelo Municipality

You will have the opportunity to meet groups of pilgrims, in the direction of Santiago de Compostela, or even naturalist adventurers, who take advantage of the selected geographical conditions of the stopping places, in order to practice mountaineering as well as other "radical sporting activities".

The city of Viana do Castelo is like a living museum, with countless monuments and mansions of different periods and styles. But it is also the capital of the rich Minho folklore, with an important handicrafts industry and animated festivals.

Places of Interest

South of the city of Viana do Castelo, the fine beach of Praia do Cabedelo is a popular holiday resort that stretches as far south as the popular holiday resort of Esposende.
On this coastal road just to the north of Viana do Castelo is Areosa with a 16th Century chapel and a 17th Century fort. An interesting 13th Century chapel can also be found to the northeast of this town at a small hamlet named São Pedro de Varais.

Viana do Castelo

This beach and Afife beach is considered as the best one in Portugal for the practice of Surf and body board.
Santa Luzia
For dazzling views it is worth climbing to the top of the Monte de Santa Luzia (3 km, 2 miles north of the city center), by foot, car or funicular.
S. Claudio Church - an old Benedict Monastery classified as a national monument in 1910.
Senhora do Minho
One of the rustic villages standing high on the mountain range Serra d’Arga, where the popular pilgrimage on the 29th August in honour of St. João d’Arga passes through.


River Lima Marina

There are always opportunities to enjoy the different sporting modalities. Take heart practicing riding and have a good time in an international kart racing track, which is one of the best in Europe. lf you wish to discover other great experiences, you will be involved in different activities such as the surfing,the wind surfing or the body board in our Atlantic beaches, with conditions of one of the best ranked beaches in the world.
On the other hand, the Lima River gives you the opportunity to practice sporting activities such as jet sky, sailing, rowing, canoeing, fishing or merely going on a boat ride with departure from the Yachting Port.


Viana do Castelo Festival

If the cycle of the festivals of Viana do Castelo truly begins in May, thanks to the Festival of Roses or Flowery big Baskets of Vila Franca do Lima, the tradition reaches the climax in August, thanks to the incomparable and amazing Festival of Nossa Senhora d'Agonia. The religious procession at sea as well as the riverside streets, decorated with carpets of flowers, confirm the strong religious devotion. The ethnography can parade the streets with the Ethnographic Procession as well as the Costume Festival, where people can admire the traditional costumes, worn by the beautiful girls of the Minho region, exhibiting their chest full of genuine gold works of art. The festival goes on ... concertinas and drums sound, including folk dances...

The grandiose fireworks serenade illuminates the whole city, starting from the Gustave Eiffel Bridge, passing through the Santiago da Barra Castle to the Temple-Monument of Santa Luzia... According to Viana's inhabitants, all of this is away of thanking the visitors who come during the third week of August.


Pousada Viana do Castelo
Pousada Viana do Castelo
From this Pousada guests can enjoy the view of one of the vast and beautiful landscapes of our country, the city of Viana do Castelo and the sea. Its surrounding gardens and woods, the magnificent swimming pool and the peaceful place where the Pousada is set, allow guests an invigorating tranquility.
Paço d'Anha (Self Catering)
Estate Cottages
On a large estate, in tranquil location, four charming, rustic and very well decorated cottages and terrace houses close to Viana do Castelo

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