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Pena Park

This shady park, covering an area of some two hundred hectares round Pena Palace, was planted with trees thanks to the effort of Fernando II of Saxe Coburg-Gotha, in the third quarter of the 19th Century.

It is one of the most attractive places on the Serra de Sintra, owing to the spell of romanticism that emanates from its greenness and the wide stretches of countryside that can be glimpsed from it. The way that the trees have been arranged in contrasting clusters, setting off to advantage the delicate note of the gardens, the graceful curve of a path, or the sudden view of a pond, all show the artistic intent that governed the planting of this park.

Cruz Alta. the highest point on the Serra (540 metres), with its 16th Century cross (1522) and panoramic all-round view that embraces the fantastic ensemble of the romantic Palace, is a place that should on no account be missed by anyone visiting Pena Park.

Fernando II, one year after his morganatic second marriage to the Swiss-German opera singer Countess d'Edla, was intended as a residence for his wife; the romantic pavilion is most interesting, decorated with imitation trees made of wood and cork, and fine stucco work inside, and is situated near Arco do Mouco and the slope of Penedos Gordos. Another attractive revivalist pavilion built at the orders of Dom Fernando II, with a chapel dedicated to Saint Anthony, is on the height called Alto de Santa Catarina, one of the less accessible points in the park. The cool shady surroundings, the undisturbed silence of the delicately traced paths, the clear waterfalls here and there the benches and shelters that provide welcome rest and contemplation, the contrast with the rocky outcrops - all these things combine to make a visit to Pena Park well worth while.

4 km from Old Quarter, Estrada da Pena - Sintra, 2710 -609 Sintra
Opening Times: 9.00 - 18.00
Last entry: 17.00
Open all year apart from Christmas & New Year
Admission: 3.50 €

Queluz Gardens

The sumptuous gardens of Queluz, which were organised from 1760 onwards, on the occasion of the marriage of the Infante Dom Pedro to the future Queen Maria I, reveal a scenographic conception of considerable vision, which must be attributed to the architect Robillion and the Dutch gardener Joseph van der Kolk, according to the then prevailing "French taste". The ponds and fountains, the numerous rococo statues, the marble vases, dividing and strictly demarcating the carefully planned green zones, the Baroque cascades, the lakes and sizeable canal (once navigable, and decorated with 18th Century azulejos), all express a taste with attention to detail and opulent effect that enlivens the actual architectural ensemble of the Palace. One of the fountains - the Fonte de Neptuno, which came from the remains of Quinta do Senhor de Serra at Belas - is ascribed to the great Italian master Bernini.

A Pousada is located in the building formerly used by the Royal Guard of the Court

Lg. do Palácio Nacional , 2745-191 Queluz
Access: IC 19 (Sintra-Lisbon), turn-off to Queluz
Tel +351 21 435 00 39, Fax +351 21 435 25 75
Opening Hours: 9.30 - 18.00

The Palace is open from 9.30 to 17.00.
Last entry at 16.00
Closed Tuesday
Admission: (Palace & Gardens) 4 €
Youth Card: 1.60 €
Senior Citizens & 15 - 25 yr olds: 2 €, under 14 yrs old free

Portugal > Tourism > Lisbon > Sintra > Parks & Gardens > Pousada
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