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The Pousada

The Pousada

The Pousada de Queluz / Lisboa - D. Maria I is located in the building formerly used by the Royal Guard of the Court in the Palace of Queluz, known as the "Portuguese Versailles". This Pousada's attractive interior design and exacting recuperation of its little private "theatre", can only match the exquisite cuisine of the Cozinha Velha Restaurant.

History of Queluz:

Queluz is famous for the palace built by Dom Pedro III, in the rococo style, called "little Versailles". It is the most welcoming of the royal palaces and built in the XVIII century. Its gardens (Pensil or Neptuno and Azereiros), are attributed to the architect Robillion and the Dutch gardener Joseph van der Kolk, according to the then prevailing "French taste".
Besides the palace, there are in Queluz many interesting places that will catch attention of the first time visitors, such as megalithic monuments (2500 bC) and buildings from the centuries XIV, XVII and XVIII. Around the old nucleus of the city villas and houses sprung up at the beginning of this century used as summer houses.
With the city growth from the last 40 years, Queluz has, today, distinct places with theirs own names: Massamá, Casal do Olival, Monte Abraão, Pendão, Alto dos Moinhos, Casal dos Afonso and Bairro Conde Almeida Araújo (Chinelo) are some housing group around downtown. Today, the city has 3 parishes: Queluz, Monte Abraão and Massamá. Much can be discovered of the history and style found in the cobbled streets of Queluz


One of the rooms of the Pousada

This Pousada is, with its location, an excellent base from which to see the delights of Lisbon/ Sintra /Estoril.

The rooms have the following equipment:


Restaurant of the Pousada
Specialty Restaurant Menu
Weddings and Other Events

The well known restaurant, Cozinha Velha, results from the adaptation of the former kitchens of the palace and it's the ideal option for organizing gala dinners.


The Pousada's Lounge
at the Pousada
outside the Pousada
Fairs and Markets:


Pousada Road sign Queluz is today a suburb of Lisbon, some 5 km from the city's outskirt and some 12 km from its centre. The best way to go there by car is the IC19 road, which connects Lisbon and Sintra.
Interesting Places:
Nearest Pousadas:
The Pousada's terrace restaurant
The Pousada at night


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*Rates are valid up to 9 rooms, vary according to the pousada availability and variation of the best available rate, please double check rates when booking.

(A) New Year - From 28/12/13 to 01/01/14 Same Rates as From the 01/08 to 14/09/14

(A) Easter - From 17/04/14 to 19/04/14 Same Rates as From the 01/08 to 14/09/14

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The Pousada's courtyard
One of the Pousada's meeting rooms
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