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This tour leads to some characteristic places, important in the day to day life of Ericeira's population.

The tour starts at the Navegantes Square and takes us to the center of the village and the harbor area.

Navegantes Square

Before the construction of the new building complex, the Navegantes Square was an open field, used by the population for playing football and during summer to park tourism buses and motor-homes.

Today it is one of the village centers. Snack bars and restaurants invite with their specialties, at night it is the meeting point for young people.

Republic Square

The Republic Square is the traditional center of the village. The nickname of the square 'jogo da bola', which means 'ball game' indicates that this area was formerly used to play a kind of cricket.

Today, the shadows of its trees invite to take a seat at one of the benches or in one of the coffee shops around the square. And pay attention, at sunset thousands of birds populate the trees tweeting about their day.

Town Market

From seven o'clock in the morning to lunch time marketers offer fresh fish and vegetables at the municipal market hall for sale. It is a little adventure to walk around the stands, while the wives of the local fishermen or farmers try to get your attention, promoting their products with loud voices.

Fish Auction

Once a day, around three o'clock in the afternoon, the harbormaster starts the siren to call attention to the opening of the fish auction.

Boxes of seafood and a wide variety of fish, caught hours earlier, are sold to whom is offering the best price.

The Harbour

In the 19th century, the harbor of Ericeira was the most important in the whole Extremadura. It had its own customhouse and supplied nearly the whole province. Today its main movement results from professional and sport fishing. This harbor is also witness of a dramatic event in Portuguese history: on the 5th of October 1910, the royal family left from here to exile.

The Mole

The harbour mole of Ericeira is maybe one of the most polemic constructions built in Ericeira. Fishermen always warned that the mole could retract sand from the surrounding beaches, as well as no protection from winter waves. Looks like they were right: the 6-meter high lighthouse at the end of the mole was washed away by the sea during winter 1987/88 and the fishermen beach became the largest beach in the area.

The Harbour Wall

The harbour wall surrounding the fishermen beach, rises 40 meters high.

Its nickname is 'people's assembly': weekend afternoons local inhabitants and visitors gather around the wall discussing the latest news or watching the sunset.

The Ouriço Discotheque

The Ouriço is the second oldest discotheque of Portugal. Located picturesquely above the cliffs, it opened its doors in 1960. It continues to be meeting point of Ericeira's night life during the whole year.
The Santa Marta Park

The Santa Marta Park is a protected and privileged area available to everyone. From the arboreus spaces with quiet recesses, suitable for reading to the tennis courts, this beautiful park is also equipped with an esplanade coffee-bar, a restaurant with capacity for 250 people, skating and football rings, gymnasium, mini-golf as well as a children play ground.

The Cliffs

Furnas means the cliffs between fishermen beach and the Hotel de Turismo. In the northern part small paths wind down the steep rock-face accessing caves, some of them still used as lobster deposits.

On the way to the hotel the cliffs flatten out, housing a beautifully located restaurant - esplanade. Near the hotel the cliffs are plain, a preferred place for sunbathing in an iodized atmosphere.

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Virtual Tour: Streets & Chapels Locations | Virtual Tour: The Fountains
Portugal > Tourism > Lisbon's Coast > Ericeira > Typical Locations
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