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Estalagem Pateo dos Solares is in the historical city of Estremoz, once one of the most strongly fortified places in the country. Estremoz is on high ground overlooking the vast open Alentejo plain. Beside farming, the main industry is the many quarries in the area producing the famous
Portuguese marble. The area is so rich in marble that it replaces brick as a building material, giving butcher's stalls and simple cottages the sort of luxurious finish that is usually seen in churches and the grandest houses. Within the town there is a thriving pottery industry making high quality earthenware.


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The town is surrounded by seventeenth century fortifications and noted for its high quality earthenware, it is a convenient place to stay for those wanting to explore the area. Within the fortifications stands a white building, which was once the palace of Dom Dinis. This King was famous for his administrative, economic and military reforms. A visit should be made to the medieval upper town which is dominated by a twenty seven metre high marble keep called the Torre das Tres Coroas (the Tower of the Three Crowns).

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