Quinta das Lagrimas Relais & Chateaux
Gastronomic Richness of Quinta das Lágrimas

The Cuisine
Our cuisine uses traditional ingredients of this region to create exquisite recipes that we refresh four times per year, with the rhythm of the seasons. It is a "Market Cuisine" because it uses only the freshest ingredients available. Our Chefs use vegetables and herbs organically grown on our own grounds. In our restaurant you will be able to savor aromatic herbs from our Chef's Garden and oranges, lemons and avocados from our orchard, as well as the raspberries and wild watercress that grow all over the Quinta.


The Chefs
The gastronomy at Quinta das L ágrimas Relais & Chateaux is the delicious result of the collaboration between our Chef Albano Lourenço and our Consultant Chef Joachim Koerper. During their careers, Albano and Joachim have worked in restaurants that total 16 Michelin Stars.

Since Coimbra is the gateway to two of the leading wine regions in Portugal, Dão and Bairrada, over the years we have been building an extraordinary collection of Inês to pair with the delicacies prepared by our Chefs, making the Quinta a true "Wine Destination Hotel". Our wine list features more than 600 vintages of the best nectars of Portugal, as well as some jewels from around the world. Our masterpiece is the signature wine "Pedro & Inês", made with a blend of two local grape varieties, one more powerful and masculine (Baga for Pedro), the other more perfumed and feminine (Afrocheiro for Inês). The union of the two results in an historic wine.

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