Avenida Palace Hotel Entrance

Avenida Palace Hotel - the only Palace in Lisbon's downtown - was projected at the end of the 19th century by master José Luís Monteiro,one of the most distinguished portuguese architects with portfolio in Paris, the same architect who projected Rossio's Train Terminal.

The most advanced techniques and most appropriate and specialized materials were utilized in its construction.

This famous Hotel was inaugurated in 1892, a period considered as the Belle Époque, and viewed as one of the best hotels in europe by its glamour, location and service.

Throughout time, it has been updated and targeted for enumerous transformations. In 1998, it was completely creatively remodeled so as to not forget all technological innovations, placing it as one of the best hotels in the country, due to its decor, exquisite architecture, and glamour.

Some of our famous clients were:

  1. Agustí Calvet – "Gaziel"
  2. Almada Negreiros
  3. Alves dos Reis
  4. Alves Redol
  5. Cardeal Mitzenski
  6. Charles Aznavour
  7. Cliff Richards
  8. Érico Veríssimo
  9. François Miterrand
  10. Janio Quadros
  11. Leopold Senghor
  12. Manuel Teixeira Gomes
  13. Martin Sheen
  14. Prince D. Miguel de Bragança
  15. Indias Patriarch – Costa Nunes
  16. Roberto Carlos
  17. Rudolf Nureyev
  18. Serge Diagliev
  19. Sidonio Pais
  20. Van Morrison
Interior of the Avenida Palace Hotel
Interior of the Avenida Palace Hotel

Habitually frequented by famous individualities of the financial world, the politics, the church and the arts, Avenida Palace Hotel as assisted the implantation of the Portuguese Republic, the Civil War of Spain and Second World War, having been an active stage of political plots and espionage.