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The Pousada

The Pousada's Terrace
The Pousada's Terrace

The Biggest Pousada in the Heart of Portugal.

The Pousada of Viseu was built where the ancient Hospital of São Teotónio used to be, one of the most ancient hospitals of the city of Viseu, which opened in 1842.

On the top of the main entrance of this XVIII century building, you can find 3 statues which represent Faith, Hope and Charity. Those Statues watch attentively the fantastic view on to the old historical city (the old city is the name given to the part of the city between the Cathedral and the Cava do Viriato).

The first rock of the hospital was laid on the 29th of March of 1793 by Bishop D.Francisco Moreira Pereira de Azevedo. In 1799 Queen D.Maria I made every quarter of the town pay one “real” (the coin used at that time) for each portion of wine and kilo of meat sold as a contribution to the Hospital construction. In 1842 the Hospital receives the first patient and it is also the year when the main entrance gate is built.
On April 2007 the ancient Hospital started to be converted in the actual Pousada of Viseu.


The Legend - Viseu= que viso (vejo) eu? = what do I see?

Once upon a time an old man was in the Cava dos Viriatos observing the horizon, suddenly saw the enemy and said: Que viso eu? (What do I see?). Some people say that was the origin of the Word Viseu.

Viseu is the lively and charming capital of Beira Alta, the centre of the Dão wine-growing region and also surrounded by fine wooded sceneries.

The old town has interesting monuments, like the cathedral and the Grão Vasco Museum, dedicated to a famous 16th-century artist.

In August and September, Viseu holds an animated fair, but all year round visitors can eat very well in its regional restaurants.

The Pousada's cloister
The Pousada's cloister at night
The Pousada's cloister
The Pousada's cloister


One of the rooms of the Pousada
One of the rooms of the Pousada

The Pousada has a total of 84 rooms:

The rooms are equipped with:
One of the rooms of the Pousada
One of the rooms of the Pousada
Terrace of the rooms of the Pousada
Terrace of the rooms of the Pousada


Restaurant of the Pousada
Restaurant of the Pousada
Regional Cuisine

Menus Suggestion:

Rich and varied, the flavours of the region’s traditional cuisine will delight even the most seasoned gourmet. Among the specialities you may care to sample are soups (Sopa da Beira and Caldo Verde); dishes made with bread, cereals or pulses (Migas à Lagareiro, Rancho à Moda de Viseu, Papas de Milho); Risottos (coot, lamprey, duck); meat dishes (veal - Vitela Assada à Moda de Lafões, or kid - Cabrito Assado); fish and seafood dishes, including salt cod, octopus and trout; hams, sausages, mountain cheeses and bread; and any number of sweets and desserts (Leite Creme or Arroz Doce,  Pastéis de Feijão, Pastéis de Vouzela, Castanhas de Ovos, Beijinhos, Cavacas…)

Products of Protected Origin

Young goat from Gralheira, apples from Beira Alta, apples from Bravo de Esmolfe, cheese from Serra da Estrela, and veal from Lafões


The Pousada's Spa
The Pousada's Spa


The Pousada's Swimming Pool
The Pousada's Swimming Pool
at the Pousada
outside the Pousada
Fairs and Markets:


Pousada Road signThe Pousada de Viseu has an excellent location, in the heart of the city just 5 min's from the Old part of the City and the shopping area, Horse riding Centre and Golf Course - 18 km. 75 min's from Porto (airport), 96 km from Coimbra, 292 km from Lisbon
Interesting Places:
Nearest Pousadas:
The Pousada's interior
The Pousada's interior
The Pousada's lounge
The Pousada's lounge


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  Preços em Euros por quarto Duplo por noite com pequeno almoço e taxas
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14/09/14 (A)
Sun-Fri Sat Sun-Fri Sat Sun-Fri Sat Sun-Fri Sat Sun-Fri Sat
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Suite - - - - 108.00 108.00 121.00 121.00 135.00 135.00

*Rates are valid up to 9 rooms, vary according to the pousada availability and variation of the best available rate, please double check rates when booking.

(A) New Year - From 28/12/13 to 01/01/14 Same Rates as From the 01/08 to 14/09/14

(A) Easter - From 17/04/14 to 19/04/14 Same Rates as From the 01/08 to 14/09/14

Single Occupancy - 10.00€ discount
Extra Bed: Children (0-2 years old) - Free
Extra Bed: Children (3-12 years old) -Free
Extra Bed: Children (above 12 years old) - Plus 30% on room rates

Cancellations: First night will be charged if reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to arrival date. No-Shows: Entire stay will be charged.


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The Pousada's facade
The Pousada's facade
The Pousada's facade
The Pousada's facade
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