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Pousada de Alcaçer do Sal

Pousadas de Portugal, are part of a network of more than 40 establishments synonymous with leisure and culture that include the rich diversification and the best traditions of the regions where they are located.

Throughout this site you can discover these places where even time is at rest, from Minho green and rustic valleys to the Trás-os-Montes luxuriant mountains, or to the Alentejo golden plains and the Algarve coast with its fine sand and warm waters. Today, just as half as a century ago, when the first Pousada de Portugal was opened, we still offer you a first quality, modern and original touristic product, which we would like to share with you on a trip through the best kept treasures of our country.

We take pride in hosting our guests with the service, comfort and well-being expected; that is why we are sure that when you discover one of the Pousadas, you will get in touch with a magnificent world that will encourage you to come back. We will do everything for you to appreciate what we have to offer, so that you can help us keep on writing the Pousadas de Portugals history of success.

Unique Places

Pousada de Amares

The Pousadas de Portugal had their origin in the 40's, when the first Regional Pousadas were built to provide visitors with board and accommodation in keeping with the style and traditions of each region.

In the fifties a new concept of a Pousada was created: the Historic Pousada, located in carefully restored monuments.

It is a tourist option with a difference and one that keeps the flame of Portuguese hospitality alight. Situated in castles, monasteries, fortresses and places of special natural beauty from the North to the South, the Pousadas de Portugal are real treasures of our History.

A privilege always assured by the respect shown in the restoration of our national architectural heritage, which has been adapted to modern demands of comfort and well-being. Places that offer a fascinating journey through the Portuguese culture, its traditions and arts. In the Pousadas there is always a story or a secret to tell, a legend or a tradition to recount.

Places with Exclusive Flavours and Aromas

The Lusitanian people have a rich historical past of which the gastronomy is an important tradition, so it should be encouraged and preserved.

Known as the largest restaurant chain of Portugal, Pousadas de Portugal are famous for their rich and varied gastronomy, revealing the secrets of an old art and recreating the best of the regional gastronomy together with the most genuine Portuguese wines.


One of the bedrooms of the Pousada de Crato

Pousadas de Portugal have always favoured the recuperation of the national architectural heritage patrimony, guaranteeing its preservation, as well as increasingly making better an already first quality and original tourist product.

For that reason ASTA (the American Society of Travel Agents) and the Smithsonian Foundation awarded us their Annual Prize for hotel groups that played a major role in preserving the environment and the cultural heritage for tourist purposes. True to their origins - rediscovering the pleasure of authenticity - Pousadas aim to reflect the local region or area. Generally speaking, their design, furniture and decoration are in keeping with the region, or simply evoke the historic atmosphere of the monument (including period-style furniture, tapestries, paintings, etc.). Pousadas de Portugal are real treasures of our culture and history. Discover Pousadas Land!

The Pousadas Concept

View from Pousada de Sousel over the Alentejo landscape

The Pousadas are places that senses. It wouldn't be enough to speak about them or even describe their surrounding landscape. It is important to live the Pousadas' atmosphere, based on its high quality service.

Why don't you set off and discover the most beautiful regions of Portugal where magnificent castles, monasteries and convents, the true treasures of history can be found, or, if you wish, live the rural atmosphere and the marvellous scenery of other Pousadas. Wherever you are, we will do everything for you to feel at home, presenting you with the same comfort and welcome which only the Pousadas can offer.

Personalized Service

"When a customer is not known by his/her name, but only by the room number, we will be far from the Pousadas' personality" (António Ferro - 1942).

This is the best definition for the real Pousadas tradition. During your stay you will live in a past that you have forgotten, because the Pousadas will offer you the most authentic characteristic of our country: the friendly tradition of our people.

Types of Pousadas

The Pousadas de Portugal are a chain of over 40 exclusive hotels, located throughout Portugal. Their very name is synonymous of a unique form of quality accommodation, where a warm welcome and personal service awaits every guest. Pousadas de Portugal were classified into two basic categories Historical Pousadas and Regional Pousadas. To make it easier to distinguish between the choices of Pousadas available, we have introduced new themes to appeal to the senses and invite visitors to try out the different experiences that each one has to offer. We have divided our Pousadas into the following groups:

In each Pousada de Portugal you will find a restaurant serving the best regional specialities, accompanied by the exclusive qualities of the Portuguese wines.
Welcome, once again, to Pousadas de Portugal!

View from Pousada de Santa Clara's pool
The Pousada Vila Viçosa's terrace restaurant
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