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The Pousada

The Pousada's entrance

This Pousada has ceased to be operated by the Pestana Pousada's Group.

Opened in 1942, the Santa Luzia Pousada was the first of the Pousadas de Portugal and is a fine example of typical Alentejo architecture. Today, it offers its guests not only all possible comfort but also the best Alentejo cuisine, especially the renowned bacalhau dourado (golden codfish), or its famous dish of pork trotters in a coriander marinade.

History of Elvas:

The city of Elvas is located near the border between Portugal and Spain and is on the main highway between Lisbon and Madrid. It is believed that the town has been originally developed by the Romans and it has suffered many conflicts in its history. It was liberated from the occupying Moors in 1229 and since that date in a period of some 600 years, it suffered numerous attacks and was the subject of peace treaties between the neighbouring Spain.

During the War of Independence between the two countries (1640-1668), the battle of Linhas de Elvas in 1659 was notable for the decisive defeat of the invading Spanish who had besieged the Portuguese army in the town and was then successfully relieved by Portuguese troops from Estremoz. In its more recent history its claim to fame was when it was used by the Duke of Wellington as his headquarters in his siege of the neighbouring Spanish town of Badajos.

The Pousada's pool

There are two main impressive visual sights linked to this city. Firstly, the well-preserved 17th  Century fortifications of Fort de Santa Luzia to the north of the old town, and secondly, the impressive Aqueduct de Amoreira. The first was designed on the principles of the French architect Marquis de Vauban. The old town was completely surrounded by a series of strong walls that strategically provide protection from most angles of possible attack. The Aqueduct is older in origin as the need to supplement the original town's water supply was already acute even in the 15th Century. Work was started in 1498 and for various reasons it took over 124 years to complete this 8 km long construction with 843 arches that in some places reaches 30 meters height.

The same architect also designed the Cathedral Nossa Senhora da Assunção that has been since remodeled several times. The origin of the castle within the old town is remote but it recorded as being rebuilt in 1226 and later subject to further alterations and enlargement during the following centuries. The plain exterior of the Church of Nossa Senhora dos Aflitos hides the fact that it was originally a Templar church. The interior is lined with 17th Century tiles that reach into the cupola.

Close by is a Manueline Pillory with its hooks as a morbid reminder of punishment in older times. Located within the bastion of São João da Carujeiro on the eastern wall of the castle is perhaps the oldest British military cemetery in Europe. Plaques record the death of soldiers from British Regiments that occurred during the Battle of Albuhera in 1811.

The surrounding area is famed for its production of quality plums which are then conserved in a honey mixture.


On of the Pousadas rooms

24 Twin rooms and 1 Double. The rooms are numbered and all located in the 1st floor, with distinctive views (Pool, Garden, City, road nearby), 3 of the Twin rooms have a balcony.

The rooms have the following equipment:


Restaurante of the Pousada
Specialty Restaurant Menu

It is a cosy and traditional space with a great sense for gastronomy. Besides the regional food, its most known element is the codfish called "Bacalhau Dourado" an the famous "Pézinhos de Coentrada". The puddings with their ancient origins are also extraordinary. As examples there are the Sericá with Plums, the Sopa Dourada, the Encharcada, and many others.

Weddings and Other Events

Dining hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where it is possible for weddings and other events until 150 people to take place.


The Pousada's pool
at the Pousada
outside the Pousada
Fairs and Markets:


Pousada Road sign This Pousada is situated in Elvas, an ancient border town 208 km east of Lisbon.
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The Pousada's interior
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