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The Pousada

The Pousada's terrace

The Pousada de Condeixa-a-Nova - Santa Cristina is close to the Lisbon-Oporto motorway (A1), near the historical university city of Coimbra and only 2 Km from Conímbriga, one of the best preserved Roman ruins in Europe. Its interior design, the peacefulness of its surrounding green areas and the palace park nearby, are all excellent reasons to visit this Pousada again and again.

Pousada History:

Pousada was from Almadas Family and was constructed in 16th century. In the first half of XIX century it was transformed in to an inn, later it became an orphanage and then an retirement home. This Palace has been completely reconstructed, and transformed in a beautiful Pousada.

Santa Cristina, which name was given to the Pousada, was a young roman girl of the outskirts of Bolsano, in the Toscânia, who after being baptized, refused to sacrifice herself to a statue of Apolo and to distribute gifts to the poor people.

Her father, who wanted to force her to believe in the Gods cult, made her strip and was tortured by his slaves. After, she was tied to a wheel which by a miracle broke, killing her tormenters.

Still not satisfied, they tied one of her hands to the neck and made her get in a boat that was launched into the lake of Bolsando, so that she would disappear. But, once more, she survived holding to the millstone, that floated instead of sinking. Christ came down through Arcanjo Miguel, who helped her get back to land

After her father's death, the persecution was worse. They put her in an oil boiler, then in a furnace where she was kept for five days, like the three young Hebrews in Daniel's book, singing with the angels. Everything was inefficient. She was even bitten by poisonous serpents and her breasts and tongue were sliced, this did not stop her speaking and, spitting the venom in to the eyes of the judge, he became immediately blind.

Santa Cristina supported all these horrible punishments at only twelve years of age. These incredible scenes, that with so many excesses almost seem a comedy, origins in elements of the legend of Santa Bárbara, Santa Catarina and Santa rsula. As Saint Bárbara, who was pursued by the father and ordered in a tower. Santa Catarina was tied to a wheel and left there.
The popularity of Saint Cristina arises from the geographical location of Bolsano, of which she was patroness as it lat on a peregrination route. The peregrines, going to the "perpetual city", would not forget to stop in Bolsano to pray in its tomb

In Condeixa, people pray for her since D.Manuel I dedicated the church construction, in 1502, Santa Cristina. The day chosen in her dedication is the 24 of July, based on the liturgical calendar, it has become a public holiday.


One of the rooms of the Pousada

The Pousada has 45 rooms: 35 twin and 10 double.

The rooms have the following equipment:


Specialty Restaurant Menu
Specialty Restaurant Menu
Weddings & Other Events

The restaurant offers conditions for big weddings, in interior and external spaces that present the maximum capacity of 150 people. Possibility of exclusive weddings in the Pousada.


The Pousada's interior
at the Pousada
outside the Pousada
Fairs and Markets:


Pousada Road sign The Pousada is situated in Condeixa-a-Nova, near Coimbra and Conímbriga, 130 km from Oporto and 183 km from Lisbon.
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The Pousada's restaurant


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The Pousada at night
The Pousada's restaurant
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