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The Pousada

The Pousada at night

With the restoration of an unusual 15th century castle in the village of Alvito, the beautiful Alvito Pousada was born. It honours the culture of the region, not only by its atmosphere, but also by its traditional gastronomy and wines. What used to be the agricultural land of a medieval castle, is now a superb garden

History of Alvito:

Busy region since the Roman times, of which archaeological vestiges are diverse, the first documented references are found from the donation of this region, from Alfonso III of Portugal (1248-1279) to his chancellor-mor, Estevão Anes, about 1255 .
Alvito housed the sovereign in 1265, receiving, according to custom, the inherent privileges, confirmed for letter-regal. Without heirs, Estevão Anes bequeathed in his will, the town, the castle and the lands of Alvito, to the Order of the Trindade. The progress of the village was certified by the institution, in 1296, with the creation of an annual fair.
In 1475, D. Afonso V (1438-1481) granted the title of baron of Alvito to Fernandes João da Silveira, an employee whose descendants would come to be titleholders as marquises. Few years later, in 1482, the sovereign granted to the baron and his wife the right to construct to a castle, granting to them the role of landlord of the village and the neighbouring towns.
This nobleman received new confirmations from the license-regal for the construction of the castle, from D. João II (1481-1495), in 1489, and from D. Manuel I (1495-1521) in 1497. In accordance with a registration on the entrance gate, the workmanships of the castle would have initiated since 1494, the time of the 2nd baron of Alvito, D. Diogo Lopes da Silveira. Its workmanships would be concluded in 1504 .

The Pousada's Pool

In consequence of the damages the earthquake in 1755 caused, D. Barbarous Maria de Menezes promoted the remodelling and recovery works to it (1777).
At the end of the century, in 1887, it was signed a promise of sale of this castle, with clause of fruition until the death, between its owners D. Jose Wolf da Silveira Quaresma and its wife, D. August Carolina Duarte (deceased in 1917 and 1936), and future king D. Carlos (1889-1908). Before the death of the old owners, however, the set had been done to the sovereign (1897).
In the XX century, the castle was classified as National Monument by Decree on the 16th June 1910. After the implantation of the Republic, the former-sovereign D. Manuel II (1908-1910), integrated the castle into the patrimony of the House of Bragança (1915), in which still stands today.
In the context of the Cravos Revolution, the dependences of the castle had used by the Commission of the Citizens of Alvito .
Between 1980 and 1981, new interventions were executed to the cloth repairing of the wall, coverings, doors, as well as repairs to the walls of the fence and the nesting of superior doors.
Reconstructed, the dependences of the castle are one of the Pousadas de Portugal, inaugurated in 1993.
The castle is presented as a building of military architecture and residence, where if they identify Islamic gothic and manuelina influences.
With rectangular plant, its sides define an interior patio where it raises, in the northwest, the Tower of House.
The main door, in bevelled arc, exhibits in the superior part, a registration informing that the castle was initiated in the reign of D. João II and finished in D. Manuel I sovereignty. Era served originally for a bridge on the irrigation ditch, acceding itself it the square of weapons where if it detaches, of the south side, a staircase of access to the call Room of the Dee, the Chapel and the rooms of the towers.


One of the rooms of the Pousada

The Pousada Castelo de Alvito has 19 Rooms and 1 Suite.

The rooms have the following equipment:


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The former dungeons tell histories about the Marquês do Alvito and are now a cosy and relaxing space that offers the traditional flavours of Alentejo. The Pousada has the ability to organize cocktails, coffee breaks and banquets and the restaurant has the capacity of 80 people.


The Pousada's Lounge
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Pousada Road sign Alvito is 162 km from Lisbon and 196 Km from Faro
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