Penha Longa Six Senses Spa

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Six Senses Spa is located within Penha Longa´s historic complex offering a haven of tranquility and inner peace.

Spa gardens waterfall
Spa gardens waterfall

The 1,500 sqm Spa is the new body temple that offers a wide range of the most sophisticated therapies and treatments with a holistic approach to well being.

Just a few minutes walk from the Hotel main building , the Six Senses Spa incorporates a number of water features designed to lend a meditative and contemplative ambience

The Spa includes nine treatment rooms including a suite reserved for those who prefer more privacy, two relaxing areas. Within the stunning gardens you may find a Jacuzzi, a contrast pool and a three meter waterfall, a platform over the pool for the practice of Yoga, I-Cong and two gazebos for meditation and treatments such as Shiatsu.

Delight in the fresh breeze of Sintra, bask under the radiant sun revealing truly spectacular scenery. Experience the ideal combination of recovering your forces and enjoying memorable stay.


Body Scrubs - 50 minutes

Remove the natural build up of dead skin cells with a highly refining Body Scrub (peeling and scrub) which will make your skin shimmer with a healthy lustre and smooth tone.

Body Wraps - 50 minutes

This treatment will work beneath the surface and have a lasting effect on your body, mind and soul, leaving you radiant inside out!

Revive Cellulite Treatment - 50 minutes

Eliminate toxins and tone the body with this invigorating treatment designed to target cellulite areas for visible results. Involves dry brushing, deep manipulative tissue massage that promotes effective circulation and induce lymphatic drainage. An application of Aromatherapy base body mud tones, moisturizes and refreshes the body.

Spa Reiki treatment

Reiki - 50 minutes

This treatment originates from the Far East. Reiki is an ancient ‘hands on’ healing art that works towards balancing the body’s energy system, releasing blockages and improving overall health.

Thai - 1 H 20 minutes

Thailand is one of the founding nations of massage and spa treatments and this journey will transport you to our Asian roots. Pure Asian plants and essences are utilized to exfoliate, purify and heat the body. Thai herbal pumices are used to soften the skin and rid the body of toxins while your therapist performs a sensory massage designed to trigger the body’s natural healing process.

Vitality - 1 H 30 minutes

For the gentlemen, to put you back at the top off your game and restore your energy and vitality. Enjoy the solitude of the warm foot bath as a prelude to the luxurious application of dead sea mud on your back while the therapist hydrates your face giving relief from the weather exposure. A relaxing massage will ease away all tension and enhance your strength.

Male Ritual - 2 H 30 minutes

For the man who has everything but time! Let 2 pairs of healing hands give you a treatment that leaves you feeling refreshed, invigorated and energized.

Serenity - 2 H 30 minutes

For those guests who want to experience the local ingredients of Sintra mountain and designed to bring a personal state of harmony and peace. The journey starts with a cooling eucalyptus and lemon foot exfoliation. Luxuriate in a long stroke massage using the rich textures of locally pressed olive oil blended with Rosemary that calms the body and the mind. A purity facial will cleanse your skin and leave it radiant. Finishing with a scalp massage and deep breathing meditation that completes your state of serenity.

Freedom - 3, 4 or 5hours

Combine your favourite spa treatments into your very own journey. In consultation with our spa reception we can tailor make your spa experience to suit your own needs and experiences.

Elegance - 4 hours

The perfect spa day for ladies who wish to reveal there natural grace. Take this special moment to indulge in the luxury of body cocoon followed by a deeply relaxing full body signature massage. Complete your day with a nourishing Facial and a soothing Hand and Foot Care. (Includes a light Detox lunch and refreshments during day)

Facial Care

Natural Thai Facial - 50 minutes

The Thai traditional facial utilises a blend of natural ingredients. Honey, yogurt, sesame, and jojoba oil to cleanse and exfoliate while our therapist performs facial acupressure to lift and stimulate skin leaving a youthful glow. A wonderful hand and leg massage is provided while you are enjoying the nourishing and hydrating mask. This facial experience will assure you leaving the spa feeling naturally refreshed, clear and balanced.

Spa facial treatment

Rebalancing Facial - 50 minutes

Specially designed to treat the male skin. Freshening and Brightening plant extracts leave the skin clear, clean and invigorated. This is combined with a stimulating scalp massage and foot acupressures to make sure you are putting your best ‘face’ forward whether at work or play.

Core Facial - 50 minutes

Beautifying and luxurious, this facial experience softens and moisturises using pure, Water Rose water to support circulation and boost the skin. It begins with a heavenly scalp massage followed by facial cleansing, toning and exfoliation. A rejuvenating facial massage and nourishing masks purifies and refreshes the complexion, leaving you radiant from the inside out.

Luxury Hot & Cold Stone Facial - 1 H 20 minutes

The pinnacle in facial care, this facial is designed for the ultimate in pampering and relaxation. Using essential oils combined with massage to hydrate skin that has been damaged by the stress of modern life. Warm stones and cold stones are used to massage the face, neck and shoulder that will not only provide a deep sense of relaxation but the benefits provided from the facial mask goes deeper into the skin promoting lasting effects.

Anti Age Facial - 1 H 20 minutes

Specially designed for mature, dry and devitalised skins. Uses the age-old properties of Rose and Frankincense to smooth and revitalize skin texture, encouraging skin renewal. Includes a hydrating and rejuvenating gel and mud masks interspersed with a relaxing yet firming facial massage. Concentrates on the areas most affected by the ageing process.


Energizer - 50 minutes

Relieve tension and ease the muscles with this soothing upper body massage focusing on key areas.

Holistic - 50 minutes

A relaxing free-style therapeutic full body and scalp massage with face reflexology.

Spa Gazebo
One of the Spa's Gazebos

Oriental - 1 H 20 minutes

A combination of Ayurvedic soothing strokes, Thai stretches, and Tuina (Chinese) compression techniques that balance, tone and stimulate the body using warm aromatic oils and stretching techniques. Similarly traditional Ancient Thai Massage can be delivered by our experts and is available upon request and subject to therapist availability.

Hot Stones - 1 H 20 minutes

Tibetan Monks and Native Americans have long used heated stones for their many therapeutic benefits. Enjoy renewed energy through the healing properties of these natural, volcanic stones.

Sensory - 1 H 30 minutes

A unique variation of a four hands massage from two highly skilled therapists, your therapists will work in unison to take you on a journey of the five senses and beyond. A luxurious footbath, skin renewing treats, warm towels and fresh fragrances are just the beginning. You will experience a truly non-traditional body aroma massage using long, smooth strokes synchronized with a cleansing facial and a stress relieving scalp massage as four hands work in harmony. The natural desire to concentrate on your treatment will disappear as the unusual sequence encourages your mind to let go of stress and introduce a deep state of calm. It is a work of art that is a total body and mind encounter. We will present to you a special gift so that you can enjoy the memory of this unique experience at home.

Elements - 3 Hours

A truly individual journey where you will discover the power of the five elements. Experience a bamboo peeling to smooth and silken the entire body. Relax in a cocoon of marine algae to deeply hydrate and re-mineralize the skin while an Indian head massage eases your tension. Complete with a hot stone massage using warm ginger essential oil will revitalize tired and sore muscles.

Skin Care / Nail Care

Shape and Polish - 25 minutes

Give a perfect appearance to your nails with this very simple treatment.


Deluxe Pedicure - 50 minutes

Transform your feet with our nail and cuticle care, then relax and enjoy a foot and lower leg massage to soften and nourish your skin whilst boosting your circulation relieving tired or swollen feet. Nail varnish is applied if requested.

Revive Cellulite Treatment - 50 minutes

Eliminate toxins and tone the body with this invigorating treatment designed to target cellulite areas for visible results. Involves dry brushing, deep manipulative tissue massage that promotes effective circulation and induce lymphatic drainage. An application of Aromatherapy base body mud tones, moisturizes and refreshes the body.

Executive Hands and Feet - 50 minutes

A well deserved pampering treatment for your hard working hands. This nurturing treatment will leave your hands and feet feeling silky, smooth and soft.


Indian Head Massage - 25 minutes

This treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a sense of calm.

Foot Acupressure - 25 minutes

This very simple treatment stimulates the body’s own healing and balancing process creating a state of deep relaxation.

Core Massage - 50 minutes

A treatment which increases blood flow through the tissues, assists in the removal of waste products, and aids in recovery process and allow athletes to perform more effectively and safely.

Back and Legs Revival - 50 minutes

Spa pool and jacuzzi at dusk
Spa pool and jacuzzi at dusk

Ease away the physical stresses and strains on your legs and feet. A soothing treatment counteracts lower leg discomfort due to swelling and water retention. It promotes effective circulation and elimination of toxins. Be lighter on your feet and add that extra spring to your step.

Reflexology - 50 minutes

The most therapeutically effective massage of the feet! The reflex points on the feet correspond to every organ and gland in the body. Through the feet acupressure, the autonomic nervous system, the lymphatic and the circulation system get affected. It stimulates the body’s own healing process.

De-Stress Muscle Release - 50 minutes

This deep all-over body massage treatment is designed to work on stiff, tense and aching muscles and joint discomfort after sports, a day of physical stress and strain, or even inactivity.

Jet Lag Recovery - 1 H 20 minutes

A rebalancing treatment that stimulates the circulation reduces swelling and eases muscle tension. This treatment combines body massage, foot acupressure and eye therapy. A must after a long journey.

Shiatsu Massage - 1 H 20 minutes

A Japanese form of massage based on Yin Yang & the five elements theory. Finger pressure is applied to the acupressure points of the body along the meridians. It encourages a deep relaxation, the total well being & the “Chi” flow.

Teen's Menu

Teenagers can now experience specialised spa treatments at the Six Senses Spa.

Six Senses Spa offers a new range of exclusive spa treatments for teens. From sparkly manicures and pedicures, refreshing facials and stimulating scrubs, to relaxing massages and makeup application, treatments are suitable for boys or girls aged 13 years and older.

In addition, unique teen yoga classes will be available at the spa.

Teen Mani or Pedi - 25 minutes

This treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on the shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a sense of calm.

Vanilla Chocolate Scrub - 25 minutes

A full body scented vanilla chocolate scrub will remove dead skin cells and leave you looking revived with a healthy glow.

Yoga lesson

Teen Facial - 50 minutes

Six Senses Spas knows that caring for teenage skin can be a delicate issue. This facial experience features a cleansing and relaxing face massage including a calming mask application that will leave your skin looking and feeling radiant. A soothing scalp massage finishes the treatment. The therapist will provide professional guidance on application to enhance and balance the skin, even at home!

Aroma Massage - 50 minutes

Relax your thoughts and calm an anxious mind with this full body massage.

Teen Yoga - 1 hour session (ideal for groups of 4-6)

Our instructors will show your teen how to stay healthy and achieve overall body and mind well-being through the introduction of gentle postures that are adapted to suit their physical structure.

Makeup Application - 2 hours session (ideal for groups of 4-6 girls)

The perfect opportunity for teenagers to learn some great makeup techniques. Four or more girlfriends receive handy and dazzling advice from our experts on how to elegantly apply makeup. They will all not only look stunning after their makeover, but they will learn techniques that can be applied at home.

Pool's Spa Gazebo

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