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Restaurant Arola

Restaurant Arola

Restaurant Arola

The prestigious Chef Sergi Arola introduces his Atlantic Cuisine in Penha Longa Hotel Spa & Golf Resort together with a trendy and fashionable setting.

Innovative, fashionable and defiantly cool, Arola is relaxed and chilled.

Styled in shades of blue with white interiors, highlighted with touches of turquoise and violet, the decor is the epitome of Mediterranean chic with central circular tables given added privacy by a "curtain" of translucent aluminium.

Diners will be able to view the kitchens from both the bar and the lounge or may just relax completely on the terrace in the summer.

During dinner, music will be mixed by the resident DJ offering a combination of funk, jazz and soul with occasional live entertainment.

A disciple of Ferrán Adrià of Barcelona with whom he worked for eight years, Sergi Arola’s twin passions are music and food and he enjoys a rare culinary pedigree.

Representing the second generation of Spain’s avant garde chefs, he is both a pioneering presence in the food world and a humble and respectful admirer of his forebears whom he lists as Pierre Gagnaire, Juan Mari Arzak and Adrià.

Arola’s menus offer a creative and contemporary twist to Portuguese cuisine, mixing tradition and heritage with his inimitable modern approach.

Like his mentor, Arola seeks to give diners unexpected contrasts of flavour and texture with the ultimate aim of provoking, surprising and delighting his guests.

Food will be available through the day and during dinner Arola’s take on the Portuguese tapas will vie with more complicated main courses.

Wines will be served from a transparent cellar, situated mid-restaurant.

For bar aficionados, the Bar and Lounge Area is distinctly sleek with crisp, clean lines, eclectic fabrics and innovative lighting.

Relaxing and sophisticated, there will be a wide range of cocktails, wines and eers available to suit even the most discerning palate.


Restaurant assaMassa
Restaurant assaMassa private dining room Adega

Mix the authentic flavours of Portugal with the best from around the world and you get the memorable cuisine of Assamassa.


The name originates from an ancient oven found in the Resort where local villagers would gather to bake their bread.


With a calm yet elegant atmosphere, assaMassa offers a mix of tradition and innovative rediscovery of the essence of Portuguese cuisine and wines.

Our private dining room Adega which is enrobed with stunning glass, offers the finest selection of five hundred types of international and local wines, which also complements the seasonal menus.


Japanese Restaurant Midori
Japanese Restaurant Midori

Discover the temptation of the Japanese cuisine through the best Japanese area in the Estoril and Lisbon area.

Our Chefs trained in Japan, prepare a wide variety of traditional specialties in honour of the four Japanese Princes who visited Penha Longa on their first voyage of diplomacy to Europe in the late 16th century.

Midori is a casual chic restaurant showing a new angle on the concept of sophisticated mixing of tradition with innovation.

Delicacies ranging from sushi to tempura and teppan yaki are prepared in front of you at live cooking venues.

Booking is essential for both a la carte days and for the Teppan Yaki Buffet.

Every Wednesday in Midori restaurant, the Sushi Lovers Buffet presents you a variety of sushi and sashimi conceived by our renowned Chef João Pinto.

RC Bar

RC Bar

Enjoy a late breakfast or light meal in a relaxing environment.

In the evening, experience a fine Cuban cigar by the garden fire pit while sipping a glass of vintage Port or Single Malt from our vast selection, or simply relax with your favourite cocktail into the early morning hours.

Outdoor swimming pool overlooking the natural reserve

Serra Bar

Relax by the poolside while enjoying the refreshingly delicious food and an inspired open grill counter atmosphere of the "Serra de Sintra".

The poolside restaurant, open throughout the summer, is the perfect place to soak up the sun and fresh air and enjoy the finest casual Mediterranean cuisine prepared on an open grill.

This setting is complete with views of the Atlantic golf course and the Natural Reserve.

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