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Lisbon viewed from the souhern bank of the Tagus river
Downtown Lisbon viewed from the city castle
Downtown Lisbon viewed from the city castle

Lisbon, the Portuguese capital surrounded by seven hills, sits at the mouth of the Tagus’ river which splits the country in to two distinct halves.

Thanks to political efforts and EU funding, rehabilitation of the downtown Lisbon has become a new trend.

Bairro Alto, Santos, Lapa, and Chiado are top of the range neighbourhoods and have been recognised fo rtheir urgency to recuperate the city’s historical centre.

Rehabilitated buildings are reborn into new ways of life where investors can find attractive properties to purchase for prices that can reach in some cases 400.000 Euros for a one bedroom apartment and up to 2 millions Euros for an exclusive 6 bedroom apartment.

Alcantara, just below the “25 de Abril” Bridge is another area where urban rehabilitation is under way which contributes for a renewed real estate offers.

Parque das Nações central area at dusk
Parque das Nações central area at dusk

In terms of new buildings, “Parque das Nações” the eastern part of the city alongside the Tagus estuary is the site where the “Expo 98” the Lisbon World Exposition occurred.

This neighbourhood has been adapted into a select residential area where many exclusive apartments can be found for prices varying between 95.000 Euros for a studio and over 500.000 Euros for a four bedroom apartment.

However, buyers looking out of the city centre could still find bargains in Lisbon. Apartments can still be found between 100.000 € and 150.000 € and houses between 250.000 € and 300.000 €.

Comparing price figures, the Global Property Guide indicates that homes in the Portuguese capital cost 2,517 €/m2. It is far cheaper than other major European capitals, such as Berlin (3,167 €/m2), Madrid (4,000 €/m2) and Paris (6,667 €/m2).


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Edifício Campo Pequeno

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Edifício Campo Pequeno

Located in Campo Pequeno in the centre of Lisbon "Edificio Campo Pequeno" project's is the conversion of an office building into housing. Apartments of 460 m2 (4,950 sq ft), 1 per floor and swimming pool on the roof.

Edifício Leonel

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Edificio Leonel

"Edificio Leonel" is a historic building located alongside the famous "Elevador de Santa Justa" in the Chiado district of Lisbon which has been renovated to create ten luxurious apartments.

There are just ten apartments available with one ore two bedrooms and sizes ranging from 95 sqm to 133 sqm (1,020 sq ft - 1,430 sq ft). The apartments have been designed and fully equipped to provide all modern comforts for a city life.

Lisbon is a true European capital, its rich historical heritage is evident in its architecture and museums, while modern shopping centres and leisure facilities belong totally to the 21st century. Culture spans exhibitions and galleries, designer shops, classical and pop concerts; wining and dining options range from traditional Portuguese to Michelin star cuisine; and nightlife embraces riverside bars and nightclubs.

Edifício Mar da Palha

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Edificio Mar da Palha

Edificio Mar da Palha is located in the east part of Lisbon in the "Parque das Nacões" neighbourhood.

Availability of one bedroom apartment to 5 bedroom apartments. About fittings and finishings, there is wooden floor, central heating, air conditioning and fully equipped kitchen.

Edifício Misericordia

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Edificio Misericordia

Edificio Misericordia is located in Chiado, in the heart of the historical centre.

It is composed of 10 apartments on five floors with two and three bedroom typology with areas between 120 sqm and 160 sqm (1,290 sq ft - 1,720 sq ft). Its architecture respects the lines from the Bairro alto neighbourhood and all apartments have beech wood flooring in the living room and bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen with Siemens appliances, central heating and air conditioning ready

Pateo Sá de Miranda

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Pateo Sa de Miranda

Pateo sa de Miranda is located in the ancient Regina Chocolate factory in the Alcantara area of Lisbon close to the Tagus river.

Availability of one bedroom apartment to 4 bedroom apartments. About fittings and finishings, there is wooden floor, central heating, air conditioning ready, fully equipped kitchen, alarm, electric blinds.

Saldanha Prestige

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Saldanha Prestige Apartments

Located in a noble part of the city, Saldanha Prestige, will give its residents the pleasure of living in the centre of Lisbon close to the Saldanha Metro Station and 10 minutes away of all the hotspots of the city, business Centres, 10 cinemas and dozens of restaurants and cafes. All this in a refined atmosphere, with comfort and security.

The building integrates apartments with typologies that vary between the one to four bedroom apartments and areas between 49 m2 to 200 m2 530 sq ft - 2,150 sq ft).

The Symbol

 Map  Contact The Symbol

The "Symbol" is located 5 de Outubro avenue, one of the main avenues of Lisbon; a central place close to metro station where everything is accessible.

The building integrates 19 apartments from one to four bedroom typology with prices starting at 357.590 Euros for a one bedroom apartment up to 978.059 Euros for a four bedroom apartment. In terms of fittings and finishes, cherry wood flooring, fully furnished kitchen with Bosch appliances and air conditioning.

The Wish

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The Wish

Located in the centre of Lisbon, "The Wish" integrates 2 bedroom apartments with an area between 125 sqm and 130 sqm (1,345 sq ft - 1,400 sq ft) and a commercial store at the ground floor. The building has been created in a way of enhancing the space amplitude. The kitchen and living room are facing the front part of the building while bedrooms are set in the back, which allows more privacy and tranquillity.

The building has been concluded in 2008.


Cais 24

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Cais 24

Located in the heart of Alcantara and "24 de Julho", a neighbourhood with life, "Cais 24" which original building is dating from late 19th century with it's features of industrial architecture such as large spans supported by pillars, very narrow structural elements, mainly glazed façade, spacious and well lit interiors. At second stage of the building's life, the space and ambition are restored and given a contemporary and cosmopolitan interpretation. The façades are maintained, refined and adapted to the new residential use. The body of the extension is independent, gently resting above the older building.

There are 30 residences, from studios to 4 bedroom apartments with modern and elegant finishes and fittings with air conditioning in living room and bedrooms, preinstalled cable TV and security system, elevators, garage with remote control access.

Condominio Metrocity

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Condominio Metrocity

The Metrocity Condominium is located in the parque das Nações area at 5 minutes walking distance from the railway station "Estação do Oriente" and the "Vasco da Gama" shopping mall.

The condominium offers 184 from T0 to T4 apartments and 42 lofts with modern design and garage for the residents. The areas vary between 50 sqm and 188 sqm (540 sq ft - 2,020 sq ft) for the apartments and between 58 sqm and 146 sqm (625 sq ft - 1,570 sq ft) for the lofts. The apartments with different typologies have high ceiling windows, ample terrace and view over the Tagus river.

The common area has a swimming pool and children's playground.

Convento dos Inglesinhos

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Convento dos Inglesinhos historical building

Portugal is one of the countries in Europe with the lowest percentage of real estate rehabilitation. It is urgent to recuperate Lisbon's historical centre for safety reasons, commerce, local culture preservation as well as for rehabilitation of the historical patrimony.

The English college, a building from the 17th century is located in the middle of "Bairro Alto" between "Rua Luz Soriano" and "Rua Nova do Loureiro". The main entrance is located "Travessa dos Inglesinhos" in front of the "Conservatório Nacional". "Bairro Alto" is situated in central Lisbon, surrounded by commerce, theatres and restaurants. A deep research has been taken out in order to rehabilitate its history in a new way of life, modernizing and adapting its religious architecture to its new users without loosing its character and perpetuating the building and its former inhabitants' memory. The building’s transformation into housing purposes has permitted its preservation through the maintenance of its general structure, architecture, patio and garden areas. The beginning of the construction dates back to the 16th century and, since then, many restorations have been made to the building, justified by the necessity to house more students or caused by natural catastrophes, being the 1755 earthquake its most notorious example.

The apartments have different typologies from T0 to T4 Duplex. In terms of fittings and finishes, the flooring is in riga wood, fully equipped kitchen with Miele appliances, pre-installation of sound in the living and dining rooms, pre-installation of intrusion protection system, central heating with a centralized boiler and enthalpy meters per independent housing unit (Roca heating unit and radiators), Merten M-Plan electrical switchgear.

Duedomani Condominio

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Duedomani condominium

The DueDomani condominium is located "Estados Unidos Avenue" in Lisbon, near the Bela Vista park in the heart of an area with easy access to the airport, highways and the centre of Lisbon thanks to the metropolitan and other public transport.

There are 35 one bedroom apartments, 35 two bedroom apartments, 35 three bedroom apartments with 2 parking spaces included and 11 four bedroom apartments with storage room and 2 parking spaces included, all fitted with large balconies.

About fittings and finishes, the apartments have central heating through radiant floor, security and domotic system, air conditioning ready, electrical blinds, fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

Empreendimento Luna

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Empreendimento Luna

The Luna development is located in front of the "Parque das Nações" Marina on the riverfront of the Tagus.

The apartments, all fitted with large terraces have an ample view over the Marina and the Tagus' estuary and some have a private swimming pool. The building offers one to five bedroom apartments.

They are equipped with central heating, air conditioning, electric blinds, video security control, private parking place and storage room.

Infante a Lapa

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Infante a lapa condominium

The infante a Lapa condominium is located in the "Lapa" neighbourhood and offers from 2 to 5 bedroom apartments with an area between 100 sqm and 300 sqm (1,076 sq ft - 3,228 sq ft), all with view over Lisbon and the Tagus river. It offers as well, a private swimming pool, a gym and a child playground.

In terms of fittings and finishings, wood flooring in the living room and bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen with Siemens appliances or similar brand, central heating and air conditioning, domotic and security with video control system.

Jardins de São Lourenço

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Jardins de São Lourenço

Located near the financial district of Lisbon, "Jardins de São Lourenço" integrates 90 apartments with different typologies ranging from 3 to 6 bedrooms and penthouses with private terraces.

Fittings and finishes include domotic system, electric blinds, sound and security system, fully furnished kitchen, hydro-massage tub. The development offers as well the use of 2 heated swimming pool, gym and green areas.

Palácio da Junqueira

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Palacio da Junqueira condominium

Located in Alcantara, the Palace of Junqueira consists of 25 unique residences distributed into 4 buildings with an apartment typology between 2 and 5-bedroom Duplex. The areas are extremely generous and vary between 181 sqm and 483 sqm (1,950 sq ft - 5,200 sq ft). Some of the apartments dispose of viewpoint, private gardens, mezzanine and 5 meters high ceiling heights.

All apartments have air conditioning in the living room, bedrooms and kitchen and have a storage room and parking places. The development dispose as well of a garden carefully planned to provide attractive green space to its residents.

Parque do Rio

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Parque do Rio condominium

Located in the east part of "Parque da nações" in Lisbon, The Parque do Rio is one of the cheapest developments from the area. It offers from Studio to two bedroom apartments with prices starting from 95.420 Euros.

All apartments have a view over the future 9-hole golf course and over the Tagus estuary. Wood flooring in living room and bedrooms, central heating and fully equipped kitchen with Bosch appliances.

Pátio das Janelas Verdes

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Patio das Janelas Verdes condominium

Patio das Janelas Vserde, former "Palacio dos Viscondes d'Asseca" located in the "Santos" neighbourhood integrates 43 apartments all with view over the Tagus River and over the city of Lisbon. One and two bedroom apartments with area between 97 sqm and 120 sqm (1,045 sq ft - 1,290 sq ft) are still available.

The architecture is combining the traditional historical ambiance with modern and contemporaneous design using new materials to ensure comfort and low energy consumption. As an example, the air conditioning system is centralized with individual consumption control though radiant floors and ceilings.

All apartments have private parking place and storage room up to 52 sqm (560 sq ft) and residents enjoy a private garden integrated into the development.

Portas do Tejo

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Portas do Tejo Condominium

The "Portas do Tejo" development is located in the "Parque das nações" area and consists of 5 building of 10 floors each. The main façade architecture combines stone, steel, wood and glass.

All apartments are fitted with verandas allowing panoramic view over the Tagus River. There is a choice from one to 4 bedroom apartments with an area varying from 83 sqm to 230 sqm (890 sq ft - 2,475 sq ft), all with private storage areas and parking places.

Restelo Plaza

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Restelo Plaza

Restelo Plaza is localized on the west part of Lisbon in the "bairro de Restelo" on the riverfront of the Tagus River near the "Palacio dos Jerónimos".

The condominium is composed by two buildings of 48 apartments with one to 5-bedroom typology and areas varying from 78 sqm to 260 sqm (840 sq ft - 2,800 sq ft).

In terms of fittings and finishings it offers wooden flooring, fully equipped kitchen, central heating, electric blinds, air conditioning & sound ready, central vacuum system, Security door, safe, underground parking.

River Place

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River Place Condominium

Located in the "Parque das nações" area near the Tagus River, the River Place development is composed by 3 buildings and offers apartments with different typologies: T0, T1, T2, T3, T3 Duplex, Duplex T4 and T4 Triplex with areas varying between 53 sqm and 279 sqm (570 sq ft - 3,000 sq ft).

Oak flooring in living room and bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, electrical blinds, security door, fume & carbon monoxide detectors, with 1 to 3 parking places in the underground garage and private storage room.

Santa Catarina

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Santa Catarina condominium

Located in the heart of Lisbon, next to the Chiado, on the hill of Santa Catarina, between the historical neighbourhood of Bica and the vale of Santos, the Santa Catarina Private Condominium is situated in the heart of 18th century Lisbon, in the city centre, flanked by Calçada do Combro and by Travessa Condessa do Rio.

The development consists of 19 apartments, from 1 to 5 bedrooms, each with a spacious layout. There is a garden that offers a space for leisure with a lawn to relax and an inviting and refreshing swimming pool. Dating from the second half of the 18th century, the building has typical features of "Pombaline" architecture, commonly found in urban buildings from that period in this part of the city. The modern architectural lines merge with the traditional details, significantly contributing to the smooth integration of the building into the surrounding residential fabric.

For total comfort, the condominiums will be equipped with centralised air conditioning and hot water, an innovation in residential buildings that permits significant energy savings. And, to guarantee quietness, all apartments have sound insulation, particularly reinforced on the façade facing Calçada do Combro.

Sky Restelo

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Skyrestelo condominium

Sky Restelo is perched on the slopes of Alto do Restelo and stands in an area filled with historical landmarks evoking the memory of the Age of Discoveries. It was here that the 15th century mariners prayed before setting sail. Today, this area benefits from road links, schools, universities, green spaces, a hospital and supermarkets.

Sky Restelo integrates 42 apartments with 4 bedrooms with an area varying from 268 sqm to 281 sqm (2,880 sq ft - 3,025 sq ft). The building with the transparency of its wall glass has panoramic views over the city, Monsanto and the Tagus River. Sky Restelo is an innovative building equipped with thermal and acoustic insulation, ventilation, communications and security technologies. From the residential units to the communal areas, everything has been designed to ensure maximum comfort and elegance.

In terms of facilities, the top floor terrace is equipped with two Swimming Pools, changing rooms, a Roman sauna, Gym and leisure area. Beauty and simplicity are the rule when it comes to the selected finishing’s. From the four corners of the world materials have been sourced in order to ensure beauty and simplicity such as: woods, window frames, bathroom fittings, door handles, kitchen units and stone for the floors and walls coverings.


La Varzea

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La Varzea polo and Golf resort

La Varzea - Polo & Golf Resort, the only polo club in Portugal, is located half an hour far from Lisbon International Airport, in the Ribatejo region, an area of undulating plains, soft meadows and natural parkland.

Here you will discover a choice of properties for holidays or investment, sports and leisure activities or for conferences and business meetings in a lakeside setting.

This development is offering detached villas, townhouses and apartments:

  • Polo Village: 98 bungalows from 53.30 square meters to 72.50 square meters (574,sq ft - 780 sq ft), set within landscaped gardens around the existing clubhouse, with hotel service and management
  • Polo Village (2nd phase): The second phase of the Polo Village comprises 165 apartments overlooking the two new polo grounds being created. They include two and three-bedroom properties and several four-bedroom duplex apartments
  • "Quinta da Cegonha": within the nearby village of Santo Estevão, La Varzea is developing 20 detached and semi-detached three and four-bedroom townhouses
  • "Cancha del Lago": On the perimeter of the resort and overlooking the new match polo ground and the lake beyond, known as "Cancha del Lago", La Varzea is developing an area of just 16 detached Villas

People can use their property as a principal home, a weekend retreat or for longer vacations, or simply as a financial investment offering a good capital growth over time. Owners who wish to see a regular return on their investment can place their home into an expertly-managed rental pool for short and long term lets.

All properties at La Varzea come fully furnished and are already connected to the utilities from the resort which consists of: a club house with bar & restaurant, night club, TV lounge, business center, gymnasium with cardio-fitness equipment, and a spa with saunas, Turkish baths, rooms for massage and physiotherapy, and a beauty clinic. Outside there is a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, a traditional polo pit with a wooden horse on which to practice swinging a polo mallet. For sports there are infinitive options available like horse ridding, tennis, squash, water ski, radical sport, balloon trips, canoeing, fishing, health club, yoga, motocross, cycling, paintball, football, rugby, field hockey.

In terms of Polo you can find a dedicated team with high level for training and experience all year around. La Varzea have 120 fully equipped stables together with tack rooms and feed stores, a all weather exercise track, 1 stick-and-ball practice ground, and 4 polo grounds. La Varzea is the place of the Open de Portugal de Polo.

Quinta dos Alcoutins

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Quinta dos Alcoutins golf resort

Quinta dos Alcoutins is located next to the museums of costumes and theatre and the Monteiro Mor gardens in the centre of Paço de Lumiar, 5 minutes north to Lisbon with an excellent access network.

There are 37 hectares (92 acres) of green area including a nine hole golf course inside a private condominium with 24/7 private security service.

It offers from T1 apartments to T5 Duplex with areas varying between 85 sqm to 309 sqm (915 sq ft - 3,325 sq ft). The apartments have a terrace with a view on the golf course and individual swimming pool.

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