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Estremoz Castle


Besides the large cities (which in Portugal can be counted on the fingers of one hand), very few Portuguese towns have been the setting for as many dramatic moments of our national history as Estremoz.

Therefore, the visitor with a good knowledge of history can imagine himself living through those decisive moments when the future of Portugal and its world expansion were decided. Kings and Queens have lived and died here.

King Pedro I died in the Convent of São Francisco to which he bequeathed his tortured heart. Queen Isabel of Aragon, who came here with King Dinis, also ended up staying. Nowadays, a pousada named after her is to be found in King Joao V's former armory.

Many and various were the religious and military architectural styles, the latter justified by the strategic importance Estremoz always enjoyed in the wars against Spain:

Map of Estremoz Region
it was the military headquaters of Nuno Alvares during the wars of Independence and later became the centre of the struggle in the war to restore the Portuguese throne. The region produces excellent marble and has rich and varied traditions to handicraft, which is best seen in the fair at the end of April. Its traditional cuisine is also of a quality to please the illustrious guests it has lodged throughout its long history.

Castle of Estremoz (today a Pousada)   King Dinis Palace


Medieval Castle and entrance gates (today a Pousada)
Centro Histórico (Historical Centre)
Torre de Menagem (14th century)
Paços de Audiência (Audience Room) of King Dinis (14th century)
Armaria (Weapons Room) of King João V (18th century), nowadays Pousada da Rainha Santa Isabel
Chapel of Rainha Santa (Holy Queen) (17th century)
Church of Santa Maria (16th century)
Torre das Couraças (medieval)
Convent of the Congregados de S. Filipe de Neri (17th and 18th centuries)
Convents of the "Maltesas" / Hospital (16th century)
Church of S. Francisco (14th-18th century)
Church of the Anjo da Guarda (Guardian Angel) (14th-18th century)
Pillory ("manuelino" - Portuguese late Gothic)
Portas Monumentais da Fortaleza Moderna (Monumental Doors) (17th century)
Museums and Art Galleries
Museu Municipal (Art and Ethnography)
Museu da Alfaia Agricola (Rural Tools)
Museu Rural
Paço da Audiência of King Dinis (Galeria de Desenho - Drawing Gallery)
Museu do Caminho-de-Ferro (Trains)

Congregados Church   Typical street   Church of Santa Maria

City Walls (medieval)
Church of Nossa Senhora de Mileu (uncertain origins. altered in the 18th century)
Church of S. Salvador (16th century)
Church of Misericórdia (16th-18th century)
Museu da Escola Primária (Primary School)

Evora Monte
Castle (medieval)
Torre de Menagem (Keep) (16th century)
Church of Santa Maria (16th century)
Church of Misericórdia (16th century)
Torre de Menagem (permanente exibitions on the town itself)

Chapel and Padrão (Stone Monument where an important event took place) da Batalha (Battle) de Ameixial (17th century).

Castle Gates   Bicas Fountain   Typical House

Ornamental and functional earthenware. (Estremoz Dolls). Furs, leathers and traditional embroidery. Objects made of marble, wood, horn. cane, rush. straw, cork and glass. Calabashes.

"Migas" with pork, stewed hare with turnips, roast pork. Cheese cakes and other traditional cakes. Wines.

Horse riding. Hunting. Municipal swimming pools.

Fairs and Festivals
Feira Internacional Agropecuaria de Estremoz. (Estremoz International Agricultural and Cattle Fair) includes the Handicraft Fair (April).
In all the local village
Traditional Festivals (June to September).

Estremoz   Estremoz


Monte da Fornalha (Guest House)
Monte da Fornalha was the rural house of the local Blacksmith, and has been restored and transformed from a state of ruin into a beautiful Guesthouse.
Pousada Rainha Santa Isabel
The castle of Estremoz is the result of the restoration of the magnificent Palace that King D. Diniz built for his wife, Queen Santa Isabel. From the palace gardens and swimming pool surrounded by battlements, you have superb views over the city of Estremoz.
Pateo dos Solares

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