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The Dainty Portugal from A to Z

COSTA VERDE (Green Coast) (Tourism Pages)

In the Costa Verde region, one finds all the delicious northern dishes as the "caldo verde", the codfish, pork filets ("rojões"), duck with rice, as well as other typical regional meals. In Viana do Castelo, the rice with codfish and the octopus "à Margarida da Praça" style. In Caminha, the steamed conger-eel, the whiting and the bream. In Paredes de Couro, the codfish "Miquelina" style;: in Monção, the roasted kid, the shad and the lamprey; in Melgaço, the smoked hams; in Oporto, the famous tripe.

On the dessert side, one can relish the rich and varied pastries traditionally baked by the nuns - "S. Gonçalo" and "papos de anjo", the "doce de travessa", the "arroz doce" (sweet rice) and the "aletria", the "rabanadas", "sonhos" and "mexidos" (popovers and sweet dumplings), the delicious "pão de ló" and the egg yolk and almond paste based pastries. As for as drinks are concerned, the Port wines and the Vinhos Verde are a must.

COSTA DE PRATA (Silver Coast) (Tourism Pages)

Fresh fish and crustaceans enhance all the regional dishes, like the popular
"caldeirada" but you can also enjoy the sardines and seafood from Peniche, the clams and the cockles from the Lagoa de Obidos, the eel "caldeirada" of Aveiro. You cam also try the relishing meat dishes, like the grilled pork kebab made in Barraida, the kid "chanfana" from Coimbra and the stewed chicken typical from Alcobaça.

The regional pastrymaking also enjoys a well deserved reputation. There is the "pão de ló" from Alfeízerão and Ovar, the "arrufadas" from Coimbra and Aveiro, the delicious TentugaI, pastries or the famous "cavacas" (dry cookies) and 'trouxas de ovos" from Caldas da Rainha. Not to mention the Aveiro "ovos moles" ' or the "S. Bernardo" bread, the almond paste from Arouca, the "brisas", the Aljuborrota pie, the flavourful beans paste cakes from Torres Vedras ("pastéis de feijão") and the dried fruits and the preserves from Alcoboça.

As for as wines are concerned, you will have to hesitate between the various liquor wines, the famous "gínginha" (cherry liquor) from Alcobaça, the sparkling Bairrada wines, the buçaco wines and the, wines from Cantanhede, Obidos, Rio Maior and Torres Vedras.

MONTANHAS (Mountains) (Tourism Pages)
There one will find a strong and flavourful cuisine. As can be judged by the "alheirãs" (sausages made of veal meat and bread) from Bragança, particularly popular in the winter, and the stew from Vila Real, the "feijoada à transmontana" or the very famous "bola de carne" (meat bread) from Lamego. Don't miss the excellent smoked ham and the young partridges from Pinhel, the eels and trouts from Sabuqal. The roasted kid baked in the oven over rice soaked in the meat's juice, and the "morceIas" (blood sausages) are typical of the southern areas of the mountains region, just as the "maranhos" (lamb and chicken giblets with rice) are typical of the Sertã area.

You should also taste the famous sheep cheese from the Serra do Estreia and the "tortas" of the Beira Alta. Do not forget to top it all with some of the most popular regional wines such as those from Oporto in the Alto Douro province, or those from Dão in the areas south of the Douro river.

Bola de Carne
Bola de Carne


LISBON AREA (Tourism Pages)

This region is a fish heaven where you can find fresh bass and cockle, and the musseis from Ericeira and Cabo do Roca; the red mullets, clams and oysters from Setúbal; the swordfish from Sesimbra and the crustaceans from Cascais.

Other specialities typical of this area include the goat and sheep cheeses from Sobral de Monte Agraço and from Azeitão, the pastries from Malveira and the "pão de ló"' from Loures, the nuts and egg dainties from Cascais, the "zimbros" (gin cakes) from Sesimbra, the "queijadas" (little cheese cakes) from Síntra; the wines from Colares, Bucelas, Setúbal, Carcavelos and the farrious "moscatel" wine from Setúbal.

In Lisbon itself, you can try all the specialities of Portuguese cuisine. In this city, you will mainly find typical country dishes like grilled sardines, clams "à Bulhão Pato" style, fish soups "à fragateira" style ... and varied and tasty dishes cooked with codfish. Apart from all the desserts available to you, do not forget to try the local Belém custard pies.

ALENTEJO (Tourism Pages)

In this region, the cuisine is also particularly varied and flavourful. You can choose to try the stewed eels, the shad soup or the Tagus lamprey, the sausages from Castelo de Vide, from Nisa, from Arronches or from Arraiolos, or the kid stews, the hare with the red beans and the fried rabbit with Alentejo olive oil. Do try the delicious regional bread, that you can add to the sheep cheeses from Serpa, Nisa of from Évora or the Alandroal goat cheese. In this regíon you will also find an enormous variety of cakes and pastries, such as the "ceIestes" from Santarém, the "palha" from Abrantes, the "ímperial"
cakes from

Almeirim, those from Évora baked with eggs and almond paste, and the convent pastries from Portalegre and from Beja.

Do not forget the fruit: the melon from Almeirim and from Alpiarça are rightly famous. Try also the Cartaxo wines and those from Almeirim,
Borba, Reguengos and Vidígueira.

ALGARVE (Tourism Pages)
Apart from a very high quality, international cuisine that stems from the expanding tourism industry, this region also offers delicious regional dishes. Seafood soups oregano snails, pork meat and "cataplana" clams, roasted dried octopus on the grill (Lagos style), and grilled calamari and cuttlefish.   Special attention should be given to the fig pastries, to the marzipan pastries, shaped like little animals or fruits, to the famous "D. Rodrigo" and "morgado" from Lagos, to the puff pastry from Olhão, and to the egg yolk, almond paste and caramel pastries from Tavira. You should taste the Lagoa wínes, internationally famous, as well as those from Lagos and from Tavira and the various regional liquors.

Algarvian Pastries


Among the Madeira specialities, one has to mention the "espetadas", delicious kebab with veal meat, the tuna fish steaks and the excellent fish "espada". Noteworthy are also the "inhame" (yams) tropical tubercle.

The "bolo de mel" (honey cake) is a must, but special attention should be paid to the tropical fruits such as bananas, papayas avocados, passion fruits and mangoes. The Madeira wines are famous world-wide.


These nine islands will greet you with delicious grilled fish and original dishes like the "Holy Ghost" soup, the bass roasted over a still ("alambique"), the flavourful octopus stew with wine sauce, the veal hindquarters Terceira style, the yam with pork sausages ("linguiças") and the famous "cozido" (stew) from S. Miguel that is let to simmer over the hot burning lava of the Furnos Valley.

The islands pastrymaking is also varied and seducing. The Pico cheese is usually served with an excellent maize bread. The pineapples are outstanding, as are the regional wines like the "Verdelho" from
Pico, that is always an excellent wine.

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