Leão Holandês  

Versão Portuguesa

Are you looking for a different, original way to organize a party? Do you want to reward your staff in a special way or invite your best clients?

Why not do this while sailing along the coast of Lisbon?

Having sailed the seven seas, the magnificent three-mast schooner "Leão-Holandês" (Dutch Lion) has made the harbour of Alcântara (Lisbon) it's home port for a number of years.

Built in 1910, the ship is 44 meters long, 6.2 meters wide and has three 30 meter masts which carry no less than 510 m2 of sail. The ship has a 230-horsepower diesel and all the latest navigational and communication equipment, complying with international safety requirements
  Leão Holandês


Ship's History